It is time for us to come home to ourselves; to joy, to peace, to safety and to wholeness, so that we begin to heal ourselves, and in turn, our children, our families and our ancestors.

I would love to help you do the same.

Using my deeply felt sense of intuition and both new and ancient physical, emotional and spiritual tools, I support you to peel back the layers of conditioning that have hidden the light of who you truly are.


Please click the links below to learn more about the healing and workshops I facilitate.  All sessions can be offered online or in person at my home near Norwich, UK.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Soul Retrieval

1:1 EmPower Hour

Workshops & Classes

I believe that at our core, we deserve to experience joy, contentment and peace.

We need to feel safe in our bodies.

Many of us have spent our whole lives in a state of fight, flight, freeze or fawn. Being unable to express ourselves authentically leads to trauma.

My role here is to break cycles of trauma and pain so that we can live our lives freely and fully.

I am Amanda.

I am a Healer, Teacher, Intuitive and down-to-earth mother of two.  I experienced a profound spiritual awakening following the birth of my eldest child seven years ago; my whole world collapsed around me and western medicine could not explain what I was experiencing.  I turned to holistic remedies and healing to rebuild my life from the ashes.

My healing journey has been one of shedding all the old beliefs I held about myself. It was as if I was wearing a thousand coats that I, and others, had placed upon me, knowingly and unknowingly, to keep me ‘safe’ in this world.  With each layer I removed, I rediscovered hidden treasures that I had squirrelled away to keep them safe: my creativity, my passions, my child-like playfulness and curiosity.  The most powerful aspect of my journey has been reclaiming my feminine energy and qualities; my strongly felt sense of intuition, the sacredness of my body and her cycles, my boundaries, my emotions, my wishes, my voice.  My true, authentic self. Me.

(Usui Reiki) & Intuitive Feedback

Intuitive Energy Healing

Our emotional, mental and spiritual health has a profound impact on our physical health and our overall wellbeing.  I offer Usui Reiki, a gentle and effective form of channelled energy healing proven to alleviate many conditions including anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain.  This treatment includes ten minutes of intuitive feedback at the end of your treatment to further support you on your healing journey.

Treatment 1 hour £44

Reclaiming your true self

Soul Retrieval

In times of adversity or trauma, aspects of our soul/ psyche can detach from the whole as a way of escaping the pain and discomfort we are experiencing. You may have heard people recall having out of body experiences, for example during surgery, in which they looked down on themselves from above. This is an example of soul loss, where it is too painful for the soul to remain in the body.

Soul Retrieval is an ancient technique used to bring back disassociated parts of the soul or psyche to restore us to health and wholeness. I am able to journey into non ordinary reality to find the lost aspect of the soul/ psyche and return it to you in the physical world. Soul Retrieval can be performed either online or in person, and I create a safe healing space for you to be held within. You will be supported after your session with recommended follow up practices to fully welcome the aspect of soul home to you.

Treatment 90 minutes – 2 hours £77

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the soul retrieval but WOW what an experience it was.  Amanda made me feel comfortable from the moment we started talking (she has the most amazing energy).  I felt safe in the space she held for me throughout the retrieval, and it was an emotional and vivid experience.  As a follow up, I had support from Amanda where needed, she was there to answer any questions and be a soundboard for any of my thoughts. A truly wonderful experience: Amanda is such a special healer and I look forward to many more workshops with her.

Start a new chapter

1:1 EmPower Hour

How would it feel if you were able to fully trust in your intuition, your instincts, your body wisdom and make decisions and choices that were truly aligned with who you are? EmPower hours are a bespoke one hour of coaching & mentoring to support you to gain clarity and trust in yourself and your intuition.

A block of sessions can be booked as part of a transformational process to further look into deeply held beliefs and patterns of behaviour and learn tools to transmute these in order for you to show up in your highest expression of yourself.

Treatment 1 hour £55

Workshops & Classes

In person & online. Join my mailing list to be the first to hear of upcoming workshops & courses.

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom – Podcasts

I would love to help you journey into your own depths, to uncover and reclaim the jewels and treasures that are buried there.

Curious? Get in touch to begin your journey.

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